Cooking Class by Yoesi Ariyani

20 Jan 2018 | by GreenSmoothie factory

        Change is a process, so we understand to bring this healthy concept in the middle of Pekanbaru city which is synonymous with processed eating habits is not easy. The moment of moving GreenSmoothie factory from Jl. Dahlia to Jl. Pinang we opens with Cooking Class by Ibu Yoesi Ariyani to provide knowledge about plant-based foods. Ibu Yoesi Ariyani, a plant-based certified who has lived a vegan life since 2012 and has been a practicing health practitioner until now.

        Bringing Ibu Yoesi to Pekanbaru to give a picture of new lifestyle especially in Pekanbaru and very good impact to body. The body is a living machine that must be maintained stability, and obeyed what the body wants not what we want. So, the body gets the nutrients that keep the immune system of the body, avoiding the incoming virus disease. This step is our way to provide knowledge of healthy life to most people.